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Whether for a company that is constantly having to dispatch goods or for private households, shipping and packaging supplies are always a must have.
There are two ways to get parcels, filling material or removal boxes. One of them is to buy such materials in a local shop. This carries the disadvantage of comparatively high prices as well as having to collect them in person. It's much easier to just buy shipping and packaging materials online. There are various high-quality products on that both simplify the shipping process as well as helping with organisation, transportation and moving.

Cardboard boxes and parcels - buying shipping supplies online

Most of the time, a variety of different cardboard boxes, letters and parcels are required. There is an extremely wide variety of products for this on to ensure that your goods can be shipped without a hitch. On our online shop, you can choose between various sizes and shapes. Even shipping tubes can be purchased here.
Thanks to this huge selection, you can find packaging with the dimensions that fit your needs precisely, keeping your shipping costs as low as possible. You can also save money through using filling material that takes up minimal space, making shipping is cost-effective.

Organising and Filing - Eliminating Chaos

Anyone that has to sort out and organise hundreds of documents day in day out should also have the right tools at their disposal. There are various supplies on to help with this, be it a folder, archive clips or even a practical wastepaper bin. Good value for money is constantly kept in mind with all of the products on offer, with some folders costing a matter of cents. Using cardboard as the main material makes this possible.

Transportation support for operational purposes.

So that the transportation of parcels, documents and folders is easy from the get go, the use of working aids should be introduced into daily operations. You can find various products for this on ropipack, including trolleys and storage trays amongst other things. Using these will make moving heavy objects significantly easier. We even have practical trolleys that allow you to masterfully climb stairs.

Removal boxes - ideal for your next move

Whether changing your private residence or relocating your business, the use of removal boxes is necessary time and time again. There are a variety of models on to help with this, which can be bought in a variety of sizes. You can also find products there that can provide further assistance. For example, practical and extremely tear-proof garbage bags, where you can keep items awaiting disposal.

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